Jämtlands Brewery has made "SVEG2018 - Yellow snow" as celibration to the World Championship in Sveg and the dog handler.

It is a version of the the beer "Steamer" who won the the best beer in Sweden two times.


SVEG2018 yellow snow is a so-called steambeer, which is fermented at a higher temperature than normal for beer, and therefore develops more flavors.


Jämtland Brewery is one of the most award winning brewerys in Sweden.

It is located in Pilgrimstad, 3 kilometers southeast of Östersund. The place has been named after the pilgrims who, on their way to Olav, the holys grave in Trondheim, stayed at the pilgrimage and drank the clean water.

According to the statements, it was full of crutches around the source when the pilgrims got rid of their ailments when they drank the water.


SVEG2018 Yellow snow is sold in a few limited store in Sveg and in limited edidition



An award winning hand crafted drink


"A fun collaboration for us with SVEG2018, a tip is to look a bit extra on the label"

Anders Thelenius CEO Jämtlandsbryggeri

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