This is the overview page for the press section.

Step by step press representatives will find here informations around the Sleddog World Championships in Sveg in the following submenues:

2016-08-02 \\ WSA WC 2018 to Sweden

Press release annoncing that World Championship will be arrange in Sweden 2018. Download as PDF. Only in Swedish >>>


For media inquiries, please contact the team by Niklas Andersson at:


Call the Press Office at: 46 70 651 57 77


Dear media representatives, please keep in mind that a previous written accreditation is mandatory if you want to report from the WSA Sleddog World Championship in all forms.


LINk toPpress accreditation form >>>

2017-01-25 \\ NORDIC OPEN 2017 "PRE-WC"

4 to 5th of March Nordic Open will be arranged in Sveg on the same trail as the World Championship 2018. This will be a first test of the trails. The Nordic Open will be open for 2-dogs, 4-dogs, 6-dogs and 8-dogs team. It will be an open competion, both for pure breed and mixed breed, A-, B- and C class.

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The press centre will be located directly at the WC-area.


We will set up press work space with Internet access and direct views of the start and finish area for you.



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