Veterinary pre check

Requirements for the pre race vetchecks


• All mushers must stop at a separate grounding for the document- and vet- check before they get access to the stake out


• Every dog will be checked after a examination plan provided by ISDVMA. (BCS, circulation,

orthopaedics and ext. signs of infections). The Vetteam will tick off every examined dog in the teams veterinary booklet. All abnormalities were documented inside the booklet.


• After the check the musher will get all information that is needed an can drive on the stake out area


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The pre-veterinary check is situated just 500 meters from the city center and 2 km from the stadion and the stake-out.


You must go to the check out before you enter the stake-out or stadion with the car, if you have dogs.


It will be two 250 meter lanes for the cars and trailers for safe and fast checks.


The reason why we do this is to avoid any sick dogs at the stakeout area and that we can give the best service for all competitors and the dogs. (THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED



Pre check of all dogs health condition, vaccination, passports and pedegrees.


This is mandatory for all dogs before they will be allowed into the start area. Sick dogs will not be allowed into the Stake-out area or the stadion.


All teams that are clear will get a green "inspected" sticker on the car/trailer. Cars without the green sticker will not be allowed at the stakout neither before or during the championship..


• Timeperiod Tuesday (15.00 - 18.00)

• Timeperiod Wednesday (10.00 - 18.00)

• Timeperiod Thursday (10.00 - 17.00)

• Thursday after 17.00 extra charge 200,- Euro


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