Sveg 2018 will follow WSA recommendations along with the Swedish laws and recommendations of vaccination of dogs. NOTE this can be harder than previous years.


You, who is as a participants in the SVEG 2018 and/or bringing dogs into Sweden from other countries are responsible for being well informed about the applying entry rules.

Participating foreign dogs should be brought into to Sweden in accordance with the Swedish regulations for bringing dogs into Sweden in regards to rabies vaccination and deworming.


All foreign dogs should be ID-marked, have a valid vaccination against rabies, have EC pet passports and the animal shall be notified by Customs at the entry to Sweden. Dogs from non-EC countries, known as the listed countries, shall be insurance, have a veterinarian certificate and hold an EC passport for pets.



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The Swedish Board of Agriculture/Jordbruksverket Sweden: (ENG)

The Swedish Kennel Club/Svenska Kennelklubben:






Further we demand a complete (core-) vaccination against:

  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospira
  • Distemper, Hepatitis contagiosa canis (CAV1)
  • Vaccination against kennel cough disease.


1.Vaccinations Participating foreign dogs must be brought into Sweden in accordance with Swedish import requirements for dogs in relation to rabies vaccinations.

2.Participating dogs and other dogs that are allowed to enter the venue must be vaccinated against distemper as follows: •

a.Dogs under the age of one (1) year: at the age of at least ten (10) weeks.

b.Dogs over the age of one (1) year: the dog must be vaccinated at the age of at leastten (10) months, and not more than four (4) years ago. •

c. First-time vaccination must be carried out at least fourteen (14) days before the day of the trial, competition and/or show.

d.Checks may be carried out to ensure that the applicable import and vaccination requirements have been followed




The veterinarian team of SVEG2018 offers a free certification in the dogs passports for the participating dogs provided that the musher bring the deworming tablets.

SVEG only has a very small pharmacy with limited opening hours, we therefore recommend that you bring the needed deworming tablets with you to Sveg





If you have questions about vaccination before VM2018, you can email your questions to our veterinarians. Please note that we only accept questions by email.


You can email your questions to:



Questions & Answers

1. QUESTION: Question about leptospirosis: do we need to give one or two leptospirosis vaccinations? In Finland we dont vaccinate against lepto so now we dont have any lepto vaccinations. (Question from Finland) 20171217

Answer: For the leptospira there are two considerations.

One part is that the Championship in Sveg is following the rules set up by the WSA

The other part is that evaluation has been done for which diseases that are at risk of being transmitted amongst the dogs during the competition. For that part we are not considering transmission based on diseases found in Sweden (though cases with Leptospira is occasionally found in Sweden) but based on the risk for the disease being brought to Sweden due to the competition. We have done estimations for other diseases too and for those the risk for transmission under the weather conditions in Sveg in March were estimated as Close to none existing.


2. QUESTION: I have one question about kennel cough disease. If dog has for example NOBIVAC DHPPi vaccination ( one component of this vaccination is kennel cought). This vaccine is valid in Finland 3 years. So, is kennel cought vaccination also valid 3 years when there is in passport marking that DHPPi is valid for 3 years? (Question from Finland) 20171217

Answer: The DHP Components are valid for 3 years but the Pi (kennel cough) is not. The reason is simply because this Component doesn´t provide protection against kennel cough for that amount of time. Therefore the manufacturer also have a vaccine called Nobivac Pi that only holds the kennel cough Component and is used for those years the dog/dogs doesn´t/don´t need the DHP Components. The manufacturer also states that Nobivac Pi should be given anually.


For the Championships we want the vaccination against kennel cough not to be older than 9 months because there have been cases were dogs vaccinated for more than 9 months ago have gotten the diseas.


3. QUESTION: As behalf of team Finland, I have couple of questions regarding deworming. I hope to get answers very soon because it is going to be hurry to vaccinate.


Further we demand a complete deworming every 2 month (alternatively fecal analysis every 2 month) 20171217

Answer: Deworming was demanded for the dryland Championships in Italy. Though it is not a general rule from the WSA. Therefore we will not require deworming against Echinococcus for Championships in Sveg. The risk for dogs coming from abroad bringing the disease to Sweden is still there but we do not see a risk for transmission to other dogs at the competition.

Though, if one is to travel from Sweden to Norway the travel regulations in Norway usually require deworming against Echinococcus Before crossing the border.


4. I have one question about leptospirosis vaccination. In Finland we dont have vaccinated our dogs. Now we are giving two leptospirosis vaccinations. When the vaccination is valid? Is it right away valid when the dog had got two vaccinations?

Answer: It´s valid after the second vaccination.

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