Training camps


This is a list of training camps nearby Sveg. The list will will be updated during the upcoming months.These camps has informed us they will be open as soon as winter startand will be open during the winter.


The Organizer of World Championship 2018 in Sveg are only postinging this as information for teams.This means that the Organizer of WSA WC 2018 will not in any way will be answering questions or be responsible about these camps.



Lillholmsjö Traing camp has very good sprint trails for training and is situated 240 km north of Sveg. Distance is from 2,5 km to midtsnace trails. The sprint trails up to 8 dogs are maintatined every day.


Lillhomsjö opens in November and has cabins for rent. There are diffrent levels of cabins. The are all more simple cabins, some with bathrooms and kitchen and some are overnight cabins with cooking facilities.


Big parking space with possible to stay in own trailers with electricity.


Lillhomsjö is a place known for the very good and training trails.





+ 460 645-41032 or 004645-41052.

Hamra Vild

"We love dogs and dog people"

Situated only 70 km south of Sveg (80 minute drive). "Hamra Vild" is sled dog training facilities camp offering diffrent trails. Restaurang and other activites are offered


Meet an exquisite wilderness camp with great personal service and care, beautifully and high in the small village of Hamra in Orsa Finnmark.


At HamraVild there are nice log cabins with complete furnishings right next to the forest break for conferences, groups and the family.


A total of 70 beds in cabins plus another 20 beds in hostel


Trails: Offers 7km, 10 km and 15 km trails




Phone: +46 703213350


Camp Dannevall

Sled dog training facilities camp offering 45 km of world class training trails. Camp Dannevall is situated 220 km north of Sveg


Camp Dannevall offers you world renowned sled dog training facilities. We offer our mushing guests use of the dog kennels as well as our expansive training system that guides you through the winter wonderland of Jämtland.


Our 5 star trail system offers routes between 5 km and 45km off well maintained trails where neither dogs nor musher can get lost and you don’t meet head-on passing teams.



Phone: +46 (0)640 15000


Sled dog training facilities camp offering 45 km of training trails.Drevdagen is situated 150km west of Sveg in the mountains


Preapred trails amd with snowmobile. Drevdagen is a small village with fcus on snowmobile and diogtraining. Diffrent cabins and houses for rent. For more information contact Drevdagen,


German speaking



Phone: +46 70 246 58 52



Gafsele is a well-known sleddog village. It is situated 400 km north of Sveg


Åsele Sleddhundklubb was formed in 1996 but changed its name to Gafsele Slædehundklubb 2002. The club has large its track system.


2007 Arranged the IFSS World Championship in Gafsele with sprint and Nordic style. The Swedish Championship has been arranged here several times



Facebook:: Åsele seddog club


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