WSA World Championship is 8th-11th of march 2018 in Sveg.

The ticket gives you access to both the stands and the track areas.

You can either buy a ticket for just one day at a time, or if you already have decided to see the races for more than one day you can buy our affordable multi pass ticket.


Thursday 8.03.2018

16.00 -13.30.00 1st heat of the distance event. (Only 20 km run)

20.00– 21.00 Grand opening ceremony

Friday 9.03.2018

8:30 – 12.30 1st heat of the sprint event

12.30-13.00 2nd heat of the distance event Start times

13.00 Start of 2-dog sprint

17.00 Last finish of mid-distance

from 21.00 Events in the heated marquee

Saturday 10.03.2018

8:30 – 14.00 2nd heat of the sprint event

12.30 – 13.30 3rd Heat of the distance event

13.00 Start of 2-dog sprint

17.00 Last finish of mid-distance

19.00 – 21.00 Mushers’ dinner in the marquee (not public)

21.00 – 01.00 Mushers’ party

Sunday 11.03.2018

9:30 – 14.00 3nd heat of the sprint event

15.30 Award ceremony for the sprint and distance event


TIme can change be changes until the 28th of february, when the start list is made


Single Ticket

Adult 40 Kr

Children and Seniors Free entrance

(children up to 16 years)



What would sleddog be without its crowd and what would that crowd be without its sleddogs!

Here´s some information you might find useful while you are visiting the competitions in Sveg.


First aid

In case of emergency call 112.

Please note, doctors and first aiders are on site at the arena. Contact an official if you need help. because the musher may still be unaware of them.



May be brought into the area for private use. However, flashes may not be aimed at the athletes or the dogs!


Spectator etiquette

It is traditional practice that all athletes’ performances are shown appreciation, regardless of nationality and result.

It is forbidden to behave in a disruptive manner. Spectators may not provide athletes with information or any advantages compared to the other competitors.


Prohibited items in the arena

(checks are performed at the entrance)



Pets are not permitted on the stadion. This is for your own dog safety and the competitors. At the arena we have dogs from 25 different countries. We have very high controll of vacinations that Swedish dogs do not have. All competing dogs are controlled by veterniarians before granted acccess.

  • Flash cameras
  • Umbrellas
  • Flammable liquids
  • Pyrotechnic ordinance such as fireworks and Bengal lights.

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